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FOX News
Nov 1, 2013 2:00am PDT
. >> she tells me my costume was offensive and i was promoting religion which i wasn't at all. >> he was told to take off his costume before he went back to class. he did just that and called his mother. >> my first reaction was shock because last night we had went out and went to the craft stores and linen stores. i was excited he had chosen to be jesus. >> sanders didn't understand why he couldn't dress up as a figure he looked up to. >> i saw other kids prrp dressed as moses i talked to them. they were questioned but they were never brought down to the dean. >> other students agreed. >> i am p orthodox jew and i didn't see a problem with it. he didn't mean harm to the students. >> they released this statement. we initially were concerned the costume could be offensive to religious sensibilities. upon further review we realized the stew accident didn't intend to be offensive. >> he found is weird the school did not have a problem with his costume last year when i dressed up as snoop dogg. >> i just wanted to be black jesus. i didn't think this would be such a big deal. >> after mee
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1